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Life Insurance Quotes

If you are in the market for life insurance then it is essential that you compare life insurance quotes from a variety of companies. This will allow you to see the potential benefits that each company has and then be able to make a more informed decision as to which one is right for you. There are a huge variety of quotes that change due to your specifications. For example some can have a higher monthly fee if you want a larger lump sum payment when it gets paid out. You can also choose what you want as there are different types of quotes. We charge no upfront fees, and there is no obligation to proceed once you’ve viewed your quotes.

Types of Life Insurance are Available

One life insurance type is called a Fixed Term Policy and this pays out if you die within a predetermined time period. This can be set for the next so many years for example 20 years; many people do this so if they die before their children have fully grown up they can still manage to support themselves without your support. This gets paid out in a lump sum, and is probably the one policy that you don’t want to pay out.

There is also a Level Policy and this type of pay-out you receive does not vary and it is a set amount that is decision upon when you take out the policy. It is also very easy to confuse certain terms such as Mortgage term assurance and Whole-of-like insurance. A mortgage term assurance is used as a back-up in case you die that will automatically pay the remainder of your mortgage and the pay-out decreases the longer you have the policy for as your mortgage decreases over time because you are paying it off. A whole-of-life insurance which is an open-ended policy that is in investment and is mainly used for inheritance tax planning. This type of policy is paid out once you die and not after a fixed amount of time.

Life Insurance Quotes

As long as you understand the specific policies that are available it will make the whole process of choosing the right policy a lot easier. One tip is to make sure you only get cover for as long as you need it, for example if you only need it for the duration of your mortgage, only take it out for that amount of time. Also make sure that you appropriately cover yourself, you may be entitled to specific pay-outs from work if you die so you may not need as much money as you once thought which can help to reduce the monthly payments. As long as you know what you are looking for with the right life insurance advice it can make sure you get the best policy for you.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are ‘Whole of Market’ which means that staff will be given the most suitable product for their requirements at the lowest possible cost.
  • We don’t charge any fees at any point of the process – the only payment the client will make is their monthly premium for the Insurance.
  • Each client will have a dedicated Adviser who will guide them through the whole process.
  • Even if clients have a history of medical problems, our advisers will ensure they are with the lowest cost Insurer who will accommodate any health issues.
  • Tailored protection to the needs of the individual that’s applying

Get a Suitable Life Insurance Policy

With standard life insurance comparison websites you’ll get a cheap built insurance package. These life insurance packages are likely to have loopholes to keep the insurance cost down, but could leave your loved ones cheated out of money after you pass away. That’s why it’s important to find a suitable life insurance policy for you.

When it comes to comparing life insurance there are a number of you need to consider. It’s important to keep cost down, but it’s more important to get the right policy for you. We have a specialist team of advisers to guide you through all the insurance facts and answer any life cover questions you may have. We like to keep all our practises transparent and get you the best deal available.

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